Team meals


With the season in full swing and the hog roast over, it’s time to jump into Thursday team meals. I have added pics of the current team meal members. Senior mom leaders, please take note of the orange highlighted areas…there may have been changes to your team meal helpers. Also, included in the black box at the top of your meal is the meal sponsor.

The plan for each week is to have the 2 Senior moms in charge of the meal coordinate with their group the meal menu and preparation details. The business sponsor for each week may already have a menu idea in mind. It is your responsibility to communicate with the business sponsor as to the meal details. I’ll provide the Senior leaders with a contact # for their respective sponsor. Additional responsibilities include washing all items used (silverware, table linens & serving bowls) and returning them prior to the next week’s meal. You will not be responsible for purchasing bottled water or paper products as those will be provided…..see 2 photos below

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